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a good way to get things off your mind


step 1: get a notebook, colour pencils, markers and put on a movie or listen to your favourite songs


step 2: open to a blank page and get your pencils and marker


step 3: get out all your anger/anxiety/thoughts out by scribbling lines with the marker


step 4: colouring timeee


spend this time focusing on the colours and music/movie and try to block out the rest of the world.

you are loved and you are beautiful. You CAN get through this. I believe in you <3 


Did you know that invisible disabilities make up 96% of all disabilities? I certainly didn’t until I met someone my own age with rheumatoid arthritis. I’m glad to have met some absolutely amazing people who live with challenges that the eye cannot see because symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome eventually became too big to ignore in my own body. I’m glad to know that I have so many others with invisible disabilities who understand me. I’m also glad to know that there are people who don’t understand, even though it can lead to hurt feelings and awkward moments, because I would never wish the pain I experience on anyone else. Regardless of whether or not you can empathize with my pain and my struggle, I deserve respect. I have the right to speak my story to people I trust and I also have the right to remain silent with people I don’t know. My disability is invisible, not imaginary. 

"The bottom line is that everyone with a disability is different, with varying challenges and needs, as well as abilities and attributes. Thus, we all should learn to listen with our ears, instead of judging with our eyes.


The Invisible Disabilities Association

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