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*goes to Target and is grabbing chocolate soy milk*

*woman clutches her child protectively as she passes by me*

*she lets her child go after she’s passed me*


When this happens to me, I really try to give parents the benefit of the doubt. A lot of parents are just plain bad at controlling their shitty kids - they let them run amok all over the store (or worse - the parking lot), and then I have to break hard to stop myself from rolling right into them.

But yeah, a big part of me also feels like these fools might think my genetic disorder is contagious. Ableist shits.


Don’t ever ever EVER tell a person who identifies as disabled that they are not disabled. Especially if you are not disabled.

This has happened to me so many times.

I don’t care if you can’t see my disability.

Yes, I reference it casually in conversation because it’s a big part of my life and I’m learning to accept that.

YOU do not get to decide that because I can walk sometimes, I am not “disabled enough”.

Fuck that. Fuck you.


Sign says All Gender Restroom with icon of toilet.

Pretty proud of the Health Stigma and Disparity Project at my school for changing signage (and soon forms) to be inclusive for trans and other gender fluid members of the community. These are our downstairs bathrooms now - accessible by patients in the clinic and all visitors to the school as well as students and staff. Upstairs restrooms are stalls vs single use but they have signs next to traditional gender differentiators with notice of how our school is embracing personal gender choice and a call to use the restroom of your choice.

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